Re: Ratios

Dave Nelson

If Tim Gilbert were still with us he’d whip out his set of ICC Blue Books and write 14 pages in one paragraph telling us about steel vs. wood, etc. etc. etc., no doubt managing to toss in ton miles as a necessary unit of measure for something. :-)


I could go unearth old ICC documents I have that have pretty much the same thing and if you wanted very specific numbers I could write a bunch of sql queries and get the answers from my ORER database (April 1950)*, but to be frank, I’ve got other things to do than walk over such old ground.


Search the archives, my posts or his.



I opened up this database a couple of weeks ago WRT southeastern hoppers in the SOU Wheel reports… probably the first time in 10 years I’ve looked at it.  It still works.  I had always hoped to put it online, part of the forum I host but w/o a tech admin to help upgrade the board software (a prerequisite)  so no, it hasn’t happened.


Dave Nelson

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