Re: HO scale 3D printed D&RGW gondolas

Robert Heninger

I agree about the coarse details, but if I were modeling the D&RGW and needed dozens of them, I might think otherwise. The pictures of the finished model do look nice in the context of a finished scene.

One other thought I had was in regards to the long term dimensional stability of the model. I recall a discussion with Tom Madden at Cocoa Beach about this subject, and his opinion at the time was that 3D printing (rapid prototyping was the original term for the process, IIRC) was best used as a master to make a mold from which resin cars could be cast, as the 3D printed parts were prone to warping, etc. However, processes are continuously improved, especially in an emerging technology such as this one, so perhaps this is no longer a valid concern.

Tom, are you following this discussion and would you care to comment? I hope I haven't mischaracterized your comments. It's been a couple of years since we talked about this subject.

As far as the general applicability of GS gondolas to STMFC modelers, I've seen photos of IC gons in Washington state loaded with lumber, the Emil Strack photos on SmugMug show numerous instances of GS gons with lumber, and the GNRHS published a reference sheet years back pertaining to the GN's GS gondolas, and it made mention of a GN memo tracking the location of GN's GS fleet, which was scattered all over the country. The D&RGW gons often show up in pictures of GN trains in Washington, often with coal loads visible, so I can easily see how an empty gon could be confiscated and loaded with lumber on the GN for points all over the country.


Bob Heninger

Minot, ND

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