Re: HO scale 3D printed D&RGW gondolas

Jack Burgess

Since they are black, I suspect that he is casting his own cars at home. Hence the crude look. If he was using Shapeways and having them made in Frosted Ultra Detail, they would be translucent and the detail would be much finer.

Jack Burgess

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For $65 they are awfully crude. That brake chain (?) looks like it’s a foot thick (yes, I’m exaggerating).


Brian Ehni

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It is a nice looking car in the photos. I am tempted to buy one. Has anyone on this list tried these?

I wonder if this (3D printing) is the future of modeling, replacing resin casting. I've heard it said that it is hard to find people who can do good castings. Maybe we will end up replacing the hard-to-find resin casters with hard-to-find 3D designers.

Richard Townsend

Lincoln City, OR

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Hello Group,

I happened across this seller on Ebay, offering HO scale 3D printed 42' and 46' Rio Grande GS gondolas. Here's a link:

If the link doesn't work, the seller is Bonsall Scale Car Shops. I haven't purchased any of these kits, so I can't comment on the quality, but I know models of these prototypes have been long desired by many folks on this list, and I have not seen them discussed on this list.

They look nice in the pictures, and they are certainly more economical than the W&R model! I wonder if the seller is a member of this list?


Bob Heninger

Minot, ND

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