Re: HO scale 3D printed D&RGW gondolas

Tim O'Connor

The Union Pacific and Southern Pacific also bought 46 foot, 70 ton GS gondolas
but much later - in the 1950's. All of them operated into California via the LA&SL,
SP, and WP. The Santa Fe also had large GS gondolas but they followed the "Caswell"
style of construction.

Tim O'Connor

I remember seeing these cars in an article by Richard H. (I think) about GS gondolas and thinking they looking comparatively massive. especially the longer one. Is it reasonable to say these would have been rare east of the Mississippi River? Can someone offer more details about these cars and their use by the D&RGW?

It seems like it would be pretty easy to print this w/o so many of the details like grabs, sill steps, brake parts, door hardware, etc.

Bill Welch

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