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Greg Martin

I would hope that they would not allow any republishing of any of my work with out written permission and they will not use my byline without permission.
Greg Martin
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All rights to Mainline Modeler prints and articles belong to the C&O T&HS.  I secured rights to one drawing for a donation of $25.

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Bob Hundman is currently working with the C&O Historical Society updating his older drawings and adding new ones.  Bob still lives out west.  Bob doesn't use his PC much if at all.  He still uses vellum and ink at 1/2" to the foot for drawings.  Contact C&OHS at 540-862-2210 to find out how to contact Bob.

Al Kresse
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Has any one had experience lately with obtaining permission from
Mainline Modeler/Hundman Publishing to reprint an article from the magazine?

If so, what is the contact information you used ask them?

Thank you for any assistance.

Best regards,

David Turner

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