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Dave Nelson

It would be awfully nice if he were to draw what’s on the original drawings – stuff like dimensions and/or steel shape and weight -- instead of assuming everything was going to be used exactly as he made models – sheet of paper with un-dimensioned drawing at HO scale where one lays out styrene of the approximate size – or oversize -- for gluing.  As they were done all of his drawings – and most in MM from others -- are without value to me and in all likelihood w/o value for anyone trying to make something at Shapeways.


Dave Nelson


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Bob Hundman is currently working with the C&O Historical Society updating his older drawings and adding new ones.  Bob still lives out west.  Bob doesn't use his PC much if at all.  He still uses vellum and ink at 1/2" to the foot for drawings.  Contact C&OHS at 540-862-2210 to find out how to contact Bob.


Al Kresse

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