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Greg Martin

I find myself asking this question once again. Why in heavens name would you ever try to reproduce a model of something from a $5.00 set of drawings? They ma be beautiful but they are nothing more or nothing less. It would be different id you have a professional copy of the velum/mylar. 
Greg Martin
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Norman Maclean
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It would be awfully nice if he were to draw what’s on the original drawings – stuff like dimensions and/or steel shape and weight -- instead of assuming everything was going to be used exactly as he made models – sheet of paper with un-dimensioned drawing at HO scale where one lays out styrene of the approximate size – or oversize -- for gluing.  As they were done all of his drawings – and most in MM from others -- are without value to me and in all likelihood w/o value for anyone trying to make something at Shapeways.

Dave Nelson

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