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Greg Martin

It did happen between the two magazine we were talking about within the same publishing month of both by the same author we likely all know.
Both editors regretted publishing it and they never published his work in their magazine again.
The lack of ethics lead to the use of business ethics and that was the end of that story. I was in Bob's office when the issue came up and the resolve was handed down.
Let your conscience be your guide... Respect is a hard thing to gain and easily lost.
Greg Martin
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I have been reading this thread with interest but the answer still seems murky. But then that could be because the law is flexible. So let me ask a question and hopefully there is a clear answer. Let us say that I wrote an article for a current publication (which I have and am waiting for it to be published).

Do I retain the copyright or does that vary between magazines? If I retain the copyright then in theory I could submit the article to another magazine right now for publication. That, to me, seems unethical and probably would cause me to not have any future articles to be considered. Not a very good idea. If I retain the copyright then it would appear that after a reasonable amount of time, I could update the article and publish it again. But I am more interested in the next question.

Which copyright supersedes article ownership? Is it the magazine you first published in or the company that the magazine reassigned all articles to? The second company could be more strict on articles they own and not allow the author access to anything he wrote. Perhaps even publish the article again without asking permission or possibly not reimbursing the original author.

This has possibly been settled a courtroom already.

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