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william darnaby

Both of these cars were indeed in company service.  I saw and photographed these cars a lot during my Purdue years as they were always around the Shops.  It was my understanding that they were in relatively captive service between Whiting, Indiana (Standard Oil) and Shops for specialty oils for locomotive and car maintenance.  Hence, the small compartments.

Bill Darnaby

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This car (or a sister) is a subject for one of the 1950s color slides often referred to as "the Gerstley Collection". It is, of course, a frameless Van Dyke tank car which the Monon acquired for company service. I had a brief discussion with Richard Hendrickson about this car and he noted that this was one of very few Van Dykes with AB brake conversions. Look at all of the brackets visible in the underside.
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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Another backward print from the Barringer Library:
This is CIL 805, a three-compartment tank car. I seem to recall the presence of the two smaller domes indicates this car originally was a single-compartment car that was subsequently modified.
Any comments on this car?
Bob Chaparro
Hemet, CA

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