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Greg Martin

I would have to ask why you would do it to your own work, unless there was a new procedure or vehicle to accomplish it.
I do believe that the shelf life of any subject is two years and at time the subject should be revised, but perhaps by your mentor not you. I think Tony would agree and his blog has done than more than once and one subject that comes to mind is the SHAKE_N_TAKE® Kansas City Southern car, a simple project with a "new" path to completion and I enjoyed the outcome.
As I have said gain the respect and you will win the reader, violate it and you will be forever criticized.
Copy is a great form of flattery, and welcomed when borrowing a technique when you mention it roots, improving it brings a smile to the creator.
Greg Martin
Eventually all things merge into one and a river runs through it.
Norman Maclean
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Greg and Tony, I absolutely agree with your comments concerning the ethics of sending the same article to more than one periodical at the same time. The editors have to trust the authors will not do that and violating that trust will have consequences. I can see publishing the same article in another periodical several years later (the original might no longer exist, for example), HOWEVER I would include a cover letter explaining that this article was previously published in xyz magazine in June 2001 and would include a copy of the original article with my submission. The new article should not be a word for word copy of the original but would include new content. There would also have to be a reason for submitting it again. Perhaps there has been an advance in products thus providing a better way to accomplish what the original article covered.

Marty Young
San Diego, CA

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