Re: photo of CVR 36' boxcar with double channel steel car ends

Dave Parker


Not quite sure what you mean by "double channel steel car ends".  Two vertical outside braces made up of channel (rather than Z)?  Regardless, I have never heard of the CV doing anything to their SUF shorties other than replacing the roof with Hutchins.

My notes say that the 1000 SUF cars were originally in 62000-62999 when built in 1912.  In the 1920s, most were rebuilt with Hutchins roofs, and renumbered into 82000-83599.  By 1935, there were only 57 cars in the original series, and 755 in the 82000 series.

Allegedly, sometime after 1935, some of these were rebuilt with Ajax brakes and put on 90,000 lb trucks, but I have never tracked these down.  Perhaps these had modified ends?

Photos of these cars are like hen's teeth; I think I have three in total.

As for the models, I don't see much use for either of the Accurails here.  The roofs are Murphy rather than Hutchins.  The side-sill details don't quite match.  The 1300 series is definitely out with its reverse 7/7 Murphy end.  The 1700 series might serve as something of a stand-in, but the F&C kit is probably a better bet for prototypic accuracy. 

As someone who models Claremont Junction in 1934-35, I am finding the best use for the fishbelly Accurails is for NYC, B&A, and (one) NKP cars.

Hope this helps.

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On Sunday, June 18, 2017 8:23 AM, "robertmoeller47@... [STMFC]" wrote:

Am modeling the Central Vermont Railway's 36' box cars with Hutchin's roof. The original car had wood ends, but some rebuilds had double channel steel car ends. Hope some one has a photo they could share.

The Accurail 36' undecorated 1300 series car has metal ends. Would this be prototypical for the rebuild?

Have the F&C produced Steam Shack multi-piece body kit and the later F&C
one piece body kit in addition to the Accurail 1300 and 1700 series kits.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.
Bob Moeller
CV Swanton 47-57

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