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Jared Harper

This is the way all the bulk oil plants worked on Santa Fe's Alma branch in Kansas.  The storage tanks and warehouses were along the main and contained the pump.  A pipe went from this facility under the track over to a penstock along the house track.  A pipe on the penstock could go down into the dome on the tank car and the contents could be pumped out.

Jared Harper
Athens, GA

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It certainly appears that the Sinclair bulk distributor on the left ran a pipe under the main line to access the spur on the other side of the tracks to unload petroleum products.  The Ahnapee & Western Rwy (my prototype of choice) had a similar arrangement at Forestville, Wisconsin that ran under a city street and the railroad mainline.  The town can be seen here: with the petroleum dealer in question at the lower right corner of the lake, with white tanks.  The unloading rack was near the southern of the three buildings to the right.

Top unloading of petroleum products from tank cars was fairly common in Wisconsin during the steam era.

Andy Laurent
Iowa City, IA

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