Re: Ratios

Jim Betz


  You are correct - I did miss this post.  My "excuse" is that I was at an
Op session that day and so my fingers were poised inordinately above
the delete key when I finally got home and was trying to catch up.

  Your methods seem fine to me.


  At some point we all have to decider - for ourselves - about how
much "prototypical accuracy" we are going to do (and not do).  I
freely admit that I'm more prone than many would consider to be
"best" (much less "required") with respect to how often I will
apply the "It's my RR." rule ... but I still strive to achieve an
overall look and feel that says "this is an actual (or possible) 
real RR some date in the transition".  I am quite firm about "no
era transgressions" and I'm highly unlikely to run a car just
because I like it ... but if I have a train with 5 PM gondolas
on the layout one run ... I don't consider that to be a huge
error.  ;-)
                                                                          - Jim B.

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