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Jim Betz


I agree that "finding stuff in old posts is difficult" ... yahoo groups
has seriously crippled the search facility in the past 5 years or so.

Perhaps it makes sense to collect the same info (posts, etc.) and
-also- put it in the files area of this list? Could be one largish file
(the entire collection) or it could be one file per item ...

The important thing is that it be there where it can be
referenced (as in linked to) in response to the ever recurring
questions regarding this topic (and I admit that I'm one of
those who asks questions about it from time to time ... I
hope that, most of the time, my Qs are 'new').
- Jim B.
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3d. Re: Tony's Clinic yesterday at BAPM
Posted by: lnbill
Date: Mon Jun 19, 2017 4:42 am ((PDT))

Just a thought: Would it be possible for someone familiar and has some history in this discussion to take the most relevant posts and files related to this topic and put them into a resource more easily accessible over on the "Steam Era Freight Cars" website? Rob Adams who currently administers the site will be at Collinsville later this week and I would be happy to speak to him about it.

Maybe a two or three person job but this seems to come up from time-to-time. Having the material and the research involved live some place accessible would have great value I think.

Bill Welch

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