Brake Hose Detail Questions ...

Jim Betz


  It is fairly common to see brake hoses (on models) that have been painted.

What I think is correct for our era is that the hose itself (the rubber part)

should be DULL black (rubber) - with considerable road grime that is often 

almost brown, and the fittings (valve and hose end) should be oxidized rust 

(most of the time), black (some times - if that particular RR painted theirs ... 

but still dirty), and ... rarely ... white.  Additionally,

 I know that some RRs used a band of metal around the hose near the 

end that is sometimes painted white, red, or (later, past our era) silver.

Were these bands even there in the post WW-II era?

  What I do not think is 'ever' (never say never) right is that the metal 

fittings are silver.

  Do I have that, for the most part, correct?  For the post WW-II years!

Are there some RRs for which the exceptions I mentioned above are

'the rule' rather than the exception?

                                                                                                - Jim

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