Modeling Brake Hoses

Jim Betz


I've used both the HiTech real rubber hoses and plastic
hoses. They both look 'pretty good' as is. The plastic
hoses tend to take paint (I use acrylics) a -little- easier
than the HiTech (in my experience). Both need paint
to look 'right' ... for my cars ===> because I do not model
"factory fresh paint". Yes, I know that I can justify a few
hoses as "recently replaced" ... but, for the most part,
they need to be weathered like the cars they are on.

I know about but it is unlikely that I will go to the trouble
of using the little magnets on the ends of the HO scale
hoses to make my brake hoses "work". It isn't that they
don't work - it's that I haven't figured out an easy way to
get them 'coupled' up to each other when the cars are
on the layout and in the middle of an Op session.

I, for one, am willing to accept that the brake hoses
won't be hooked up when they should be. That's a
'natural' result of it being a model RR and we have
to make our own decisions about what we will do
and what we will not do.
- Jim B.

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