Re: Are Modeling Questions In Scope - or Not?


Regarding scope on the STMFC, Jim Betz asks:

Are Modeling Questions In Scope - or Not?”


Definitely. Note the STMFC rule:


“The objectives

include the sharing of

information about North American, standard gauge railroad freight cars in the period 1900-1960 inclusive including their operation, distribution and the various techniques of building models of them. Discussions about the cargos of freight cars are permitted but only as they are directly associated with freight cars. Emphasis is to be placed on the study of the prototype with a goal of producing models of them with as great a degree of accuracy as possible.”


And that includes building parts of a model frt car…Voila!...brake hoses.

Huuuh, Bill Welch notes: “Absolutely on topic, when accompanied by a last name as per rules.”

Exercising my position as Head Judge [ wonder what federal judges get paid? ] I should point out the rule Bill refers to:

“Members must sign messages with their full names. If the member's address IS their full name exactly [ to the left of an @ sign ] or simply their full name, that is acceptable as a signature.”

Jim’s email address is jimbetz@...

Which satisfies the full name rule. Jim [ who apparently goes by “Slippery” from time to time ] is legal.

Mike Brock, STMFC Head Judge


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