Re: Presence of Canadian Cars

Chuck Soule

The percentage of Canadian cars would depend not only on what state you are modeling, but what railroad and which line.   For example, growing up in Tacoma, WA in the 50s, I clearly remember seeing Canadian boxcars on trains to Portland, OR.  They were undoubtedly bound mostly for California, and probably were mostly lumber or wheat. 

If they were in NP trains, they were probably routed to Portland, then to the SP to California.  If they were on GN trains, they were probably routed to the SP&S and WP via Keddie Wye. 

It would have been much less likely to see them on UP trains through Tacoma because the UP stopped at Seattle, while the GN and NP both continued to British Columbia.  UP would have picked up Canadian cars via the Spokane International, routed to Pendleton, OR, then likely to Salt Lake before going to California via southern Nevada. 

There was  probably a much lower percentage of Canadian cars on eastbound NP or GN trains because CP or CN would have hauled them as far east for lumber (or west for grain) as possible before sending them across the border.

I'm going to inquire from another list to confirm my understanding, but I am pretty sure there was a train that originated in BC and went to California essentially as a unit train or as a block within a regular southbound freight.

Chuck Soule

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