Explosives and other placards

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There was a recent discussion on the history of warning placards for explosives, etc. attached to cars. There is a report from an ARA meeting in November 1908 listing the recommendations of a special committee on car cards at https://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=nyp.33433012632661;view=1up;seq=401
Evidently there was some state legislation under which car cards
would be removed as advertising. The agreed recommendations included -

Special Placards.—These shall be such as are required by the regulations for the transportation of explosives formulated by the Interstate Commerce Commission and the regulations for the transportation of inflammable articles and acids prescribed by the American Railway Assn., and are to be of the size as therein described. They shall be used, be of the text and be attached to the cars as prescribed by said regulations. [There is also reference to the transportation of explosives and the ICC Regulations on the following page]

The meeting also resolved -
That railway companies and other car owners be and are hereby requested to publish official information respecting their car equipment in the Railway Equipment Register; and information respecting line clearances and the restrictions of
cars in passenger service in the Railway Line Clearances, in order that ready references for authentic information on these subjects may be within reach of all railroad officials.

In addition, the meeting covered the standard marking of the length of flat cars, acceptance of the telephone in preference to the telegraph for blocking and dispatching trains, the number of copies of interchange reports and amendments to the per diem rules.

Rupert Gamlen
Auckland NZ


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