Re: Presence of Canadian Cars


Not looking to argue, just looking for enlightenment, the SCO No. 59 I posted in the files,

 does appear to allow reloading homeward, points 1 through 4, within the guidelines stated.

(Point 3 for instance, anywhere a Canadian car is found on the CNW/Omaha can be loaded to Duluth. This would cover the Milwaukee - Chicago area. From the Twin Cities to Duluth, on the NP, yes. From Sioux Falls, SD to Duluth on the GN, yes.)

 I would think that all along the yes, northern Tier, the same could be done.  Am I reading that SCO wrong? It appears to be allowed.  I say this with full respect for the work you and Mr. Gilbert did.               

                                                                                                                Jim Dick – St. Paul

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