Real Wood Roof Walks for HO Box Cars

Jim Betz


So I have some -excellent- real wood, scale, running board
material and I want to use them on some of my models. To
get the concept of what I want to achieve see:

I am thinking I need to develop a method for doing these
that is more efficient than just gluing them to the existing
styrene supports "one board at a time". That's a lot of
fiddly work. (I want to do several dozen cars - probably at
least 4 dozen and perhaps twice that many.
The individual pieces of wood that I have are very thin -
so handling them during the process will be a challenge.

What I'd prefer is to develop some kind of jig that I can
pre-build the walks into 'assemblies' that can be attached
to the roof of the car in one action.
Similar in concept to using any of the available styrene
roof walks such as the ones from Kadee.
The jig has to accommodate different lengths (both for
40' cars and 50 footers ... but also just due to the
small variations in the various car models.

I'm thinking I can put in some small cross members that
are glued to the top of the assembly in the jig - and then
remove the completed roof walk and turn it over and
attach it to the car.
I'm also intending to pre-stain the boards in batches
of different shades and then selecting them more or
less at random using different shades (see pic above).

===> Sound good/doable to you?

How should I create the jig? Metal? Something else?

- Jim B.

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