Re: Reboxx products

Ted Culotta

Here is what I know although the news is a year old:

About 18 months ago, I called and emailed Reboxx about a dealer account (for wheelsets) and received no response. Finally, last spring (2016), I was contacted and advised that I could sign up and order wheelsets. I dropped the ball, but did see Reboxx at the Enfield, CT RPM. We briefly discussed my communications and the result was the same. I could order wheelsets and the ball was IN MY COURT. As can happen when there are many projects and priorities, I did nothing. I was hopeful I would see them at this year's Enfield meet, but they did not attend (even if they were scheduled to attend, the passing of the brother of the founder of Reboxx just prior to the meet would have put the kibosh on that anyway). Also, J.P. Barger, the founder, had turned things over to his grandsons a couple years back. I have no insight into their level of interest in the business or other career plans and aspirations they harbor that might make Reboxx tenuous at best. I think it is still a going concern, but persistence is required to get product.

Ted Culotta

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