Re: The new Tangent tank car

Jim Betz


Excellent car - thank you Tangent.
Excellent review - thank you Tony.

Regrettably I have very little need for this particular car/configuration.
I can use them for run thru traffic but we do not have any on layout
industries that would be able/can be 'justified' to receive/ship them. *Sigh*.

What I need are more "crude oil service cars" (because we have a small
oil field.
Different types/looks (just to add interest/variety). As in "basic black
with just the reporting marks" and other such standard/required
lettering - and, in general, no "logo" for a company ... as in
"leased/generic tanks".
I have pretty much all of the existing models - what I'm hoping/looking
for are cars that are different in ways other than just the car number(s).
But also cars that are different classes.

Yes, we have some other "tank car industries" on the layout and those
are pretty much already covered (such as a Texaco dealer).
- Jim

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