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Ed Hawkins

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. . . the Monon's 1-500. Imagine my surprise when I learned the model I am working on using an elderly C&BT Shop body, despite its Improved Dreadnaught ends and Murphy paneled roof, is actually officially designated a PS1.

Ed Hawkins presentation on the PS1 through the years kept many of us in our chairs for . . .actually I lost track of time. With the ending of Prototype CYC maybe he will put the contents into a book.

Well done Ed!

Thank you for your kind comments, and I appreciate your help in paging through the slides on the PC during the presentation. 

Bill’s comment refers to my slide in which the Pullman-Standard lot list denotes CIL 1-500 as PS-1 box cars (the earliest according to the builder). This is despite these cars with 10-panel welded sides that received 4-4 Improved Dreadnaught ends and Murphy roofs instead of proprietary PS-1 ends and roofs. The Monon order was assigned a lower lot number (5860) than LV box cars (5783) that the railroad industry considers the earliest PS-1 box cars.

The Nov. 1, 1947 Railway Age article “Cars Built to P-S-1 Design” attributes the earliest as LV 62000-62499, which came with proprietary PS-1 end and roof components. I also found it interesting that the article title used two hyphens in "P-S-1" vs. the more common PS-1 reference. 

Photos from CIL 1-500 and LV 62000-62499 show concurrent production in 6-47. Some LV photos show build dates extending into 7-47. A photo of repainted CIL 195 has 5-47 build date stencils. 

The question of  “which was really the first PS-1” has caused me to wonder if Pullman-Standard had originally planned to use proprietary PS-1 end and roof parts for the Monon cars but lacked having sufficient quantities available to equip all 1,000 cars in both orders, thus a decision to so-equip the LV cars. If that was the case, the company didn’t go back to revise the lot list.
Ed Hawkins

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