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S. Busch

Dear jt,
There is one photo of the 84000 series PM boxcars in "C&O for Progress" paint residing in the on-line archives data base of the C&O Historical Society.  It is photo # COHS - 20870.  It is car #284046, originally PM #84046
Here is a link to it::
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Steve Busch
Duncan, SC

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That's a sharp, in progress model Bill!

I was not able to attend the RPM (I am assuming this presentation was in St. Louis?), but this got me wondering about a couple of things:

I'm building an early P-S welded boxcar, Pere Marquette series 84000-84099 as shown on page 121 of the Million/Paton PM freight car book. This book's single builder photo is the only photo I know of these cars. They were acquired 01/1940, so I am assuming they were eventually painted in a C&O scheme, though no one at that society knows anything about these cars (and the PM society hasn't responded). Their 18 panel sides, early P-S type end and radial roof all combined is a neat departure among boxcars. Anyone here know of any in service photos of these PM/C&O cars?

My second wondering is, RP Cyc is ending publication?


jt burke
Marion, OH

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