Re: The new Tangent tank car

Bill Welch

Back in about the mid-1990's Martin Lofton built into the Naperville RPM event a panel discussion on a Saturday night focused on kit possibilities—sort of "what do people want?" discussion. I do not remember any of what was discussed except: Tank Cars, Tank Cars, Tank Cars and Conical Rivets. At the time the only finely detailed kit available in 1/87 scale was the Tichy kit and we are familiar with its limitations of usefulness. Richard H. was there either in the audience or on the panel and I am sure offered up some possibilities.

It does not seem like it was very long after this discussion—a year or so, maybe a little longer—that the InterMountain ACF Type 27 kit appeared and Sunshine's Type 27 8K Insulated Tank Car kit followed it. (For the life of me I cannot believe IM has still not cut a tool to do this tank!!!!). Then came the Proto 2000 ACF Type 21 kits, Sunshine X-3 kits, five (now seven) Southern Car & Foundry kits, one from Speedwitch, more Sunshine until today with Tangent, Resin Car Works, Broadway, Atlas and who know who and what may be around the corner.

While I am not saying that Saturday Night Panel is responsible for the wealth of possibilities we have now, but certainly a "seed was planted" and Richard was cultivating the soil educating us and manufacturers. Now it is Ted, Ed, and Dave that continue work.

Bill Welch

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