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John Barry

I faithfully reproduce that detail on ALL of the arch bar trucks legally used in interchange on my December 1944 layout!  

Oh, rats, they were outlawed before the war ;-)

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After a bit of an other-topics hiatus, the NPS Steamtown photo
collection posted by Historian/Archivist Pat (Richard) McKnight on
the ErieLack list returns to the freight car topic...

A nicely-lit 1915 roster shot of DL&W 38555... a 36ft Class H-11 box
car, built June 1910, including a good look at brake rigging and trucks.

Since I know we ALL appropriately stencil the top arch bar of our
cars' trucks... (i.e. Journal size and Bearing material...) this
photo will guide the faithful application of the lettering!!!!!

Possibly more photos upcoming...

Richard Brennan - San Leandro CA

At 03:05 AM 7/1/2017, on [ErieLack] McKnight, Richard wrote:
>B2144.jpg (image/jpeg, 2918x2285 557104 bytes, BF: 11.97 ppb)
>B2144--Boxcar no. 38555 [1915.xx.xx]
>Patrick McKnight
>Steamtown NHS
>150 S. Washington Avenue
>Scranton, PA
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