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John Barry


Yes,I agree that there may have been arch trucks in use during my era, including on the boat flats at Point Richmond.  I can and will use the great Tahoe trucks for that application, as well as some of the company flats at the Kaiser shipyard.  But I had my tongue firmly planted in my cheek to claim conformance with this detail that may have gone out of the practice with simplification of car lettering as it evolved through the 20s, hence the disclaimer for legally interchanged cars.  

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John Barry wrote:  
I faithfully reproduce that detail on ALL of the arch bar trucks legally used in interchange on my December 1944 layout!  Oh, rats, they were outlawed before the war;
     John, I think most all of us could have / justify at least one or two arch bar trucked cars on our layouts, with-in researched reasoning.
     On my most researched railroad, the Northern Pacific, I have letters of some wood sided, steel underframed cabooses were retired in the mid 1960's with arch bar trucks intact. (well beyond this lists time frame) Some of these cabooses were of “normal” crew configuration, others were side door cabooses used in local LCL service to the railroad. Since none went off line, they were all legal.
   If you have a working interchange with another railroad, you might have the other railroad's caboose have arch bar trucks.
    Tank cars used in company service could also apply, if these were water cars for work trains and of course work train cars could have some arch bar trucks. One does not need a full string of work cars, one car parked next to the roundhouse could be enough. Cinder gons, etc.
    Limited application examples, yes - perhaps however with research as stated above, one or two cars would be enough to add flavor and still be entirely prototypical.   
                                                                                                   Jim Dick - Roseville, MN     

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