Re: Tank Cars On The SP

Tom Vanwormer

What era are the cars and photos from?  I ask because really good tasting was used in the Arrowhead commercial brand water came from the Southern Pacific Springs Spring located just north of the depot which was located way out of town.  The Espee had an interesting relationship with Arrowhead Water in that the original bottling plant was located on Washington in the Armoco tower area of the Pacific Electric RR and its famous water trains in the 1920 thru 1956 era.  The bottlers supplemented the Arrowhead Springs water from just above San Bernadino with the water from the Southern Pacific Springs in the Palm Springs area.

Just a thought...
Tom VanWormer
Monument CO

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“assuming the content of the tank cars was oil.”

That is actually what I was wondering, Palm Springs being in the desert and all . . .


I'm sure they were on their way to somewhere else. Perhaps Tony T. can weight in on this with some authority.

I don't believe there were any oil fields or refineries anywhere near Palm Springs...assuming the content of the tank cars was oil.

Bob Chaparro

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Bob, why so many tank cars at Palm Springs??


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