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If I am remembering correctly from what I've learned on the impressive Canada Southern website (where I've learned most of my NYC knowledge not gained from the STMFC), the "S" in front of the number meant that the car was a System car and at home on any of the roads in the NYC system.
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And while this question, I am sure, has been asked before, what did the "S-" signify?
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Hi Schuyler,

These cars lasted into the 1950s in active revenue service, although not in this paint scheme which is the original scheme.  The NYC and affiliated roads had lots of them: the NYC itself had over 17,000 of them in January 1952, according to my ORER.  Westerfield makes kits for several varieties of this car (listed as the "steel USRA" car), and they come with all the decals you will need for all eras.  Some of these cars were used in MoW and company material storage at various yards in the 1950s-1970s.  I remember seeing several at Selkirk Yard near Albany in the 1970s.

Todd Sullivan

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