The "discussion" regarding terminology is both interesting and amusing.
Various people have commented on different aspects. Tony Thompson notes that
the industry has already defined terminology for our freight cars as can be
seen in the Cycs [ wow, a hundred years ago? Scary ]. I would suggest that
Tony is correct for our freight cars and, of course, that's what we are all
about. However, I would urge caution when considering trying to establish a
standard vocabulary for the industry as a whole. For example, is a 4-8-4
steam locomotive a "Northern"? Or is it an "FEF" or perhaps simply a "2900"
or perhaps a "GS-4"? In about 2 years we may actually see a "Big Boy"
operating on UP tracks again and the various media will address it as a "Big
Boy". Back when the class was operational it was referred to by those who
ran them as "4000's", not "Big Boy's".

Of perhaps more interest to us, I can hardly wait to see the arguments
favoring "solid, plain and friction" bearings on our freight cars. And, of
course, what do you think about the term "Turnout"?

Mike Brock

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