Re: Terminology

Arianne Coble

 Oh man, why in the world would you want to bring this up again? The terminology discussion seems to come up from time to time and to what end. Are we filling out legal documents? Are we on trial or giving a deposition? I find these discussions to be circle arguments. For example, as has been mentioned and references sited, the term switch and turnout are accurate and appropriate to describe the same piece of track arrangement, so why must we argue over which one to use? It does little in the way of promoting clarity, help us model better, or for that matter discuss issues. Here in the real world we are trying to communicate with one another, so as long as the listener or reader understands what the speaker or writer is communicating what on earth does the “proper” term matter? It tends to remind me of someone during a conversation who mid sentence corrects you on the grammar error you made.
Kyle Coble Auburn Indiana

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