Equalized Trucks in HO

Jim Betz


  So I've got a couple of new (to me) cars that I -really- want to use 

(they both fit TTs definition of "signature freight cars") regularly -

and they are both having problems with derailing on both curves 

and turnouts.  And when they derail on a turnout it isn't only when 

they are traveling the diverging route.  These are both Overland 

box cars and being brass they are relatively heavy (as compared to 


  I have checked the wheel gauge - perfect.  I have checked how 

well the wheels roll - not the best (they are brass) but certainly 

not "terrible".  I have checked that the trucks swivel freely and 

they do.  And the wheels are clean and free of any over spray on 

the treads and flanges.  (Yes, they are RP25 profile and there 

are no 'nicks' in the treads/wheels.)

  And I have checked that the trucks are all capable of rocking from

side to side.  One of them is fully equalized (the side frames swivel

relative to the bolster- easily) and the other car has rigid truicks - 

but I have checked that those rock easily.  Neither car has trucks

that are catty wompous or that "take a set" without returning to


  I have also checked that the couplers are in gauge and working

correctly ("just in case") ... both cars have whisker #5s.

  Other than replacing them with different trucks what can I do?

Is there some check or 'trick' that I'm missing/have forgotten?

                                                                                                     - Jim B.

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