Re: Equalized Trucks in HO

Jim Betz


I just now checked the alignment of the wheels - all are square on
the axles and centered in the axles and aligned with each other. I'm
still at a loss about these cars ...

What I have decided to try is to cut the springs that hold the trucks
against the bolsters - in half (approximate) - in order to reduce how
strongly the truck is held against the bolster. Perhaps my first tests
of how well the trucks rocked didn't pick up on whether or not
they would actually rock when required (this seems critical for the
car with rigid trucks but less so for the one that is truly equalized).
The other thing is that this also makes the trucks rotate easier.

I will let you know when I have solved it - even if I give up on the
factory brass trucks and replace them with after market trucks.
- Jim B.

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