Re: Equalized Trucks in HO

Jim Betz

Hello all,

  Well it appears that it was, after all, 'just' that the springs holding the trucks against
the bolsters (shouldered brass truck screws) were the problem.  One of these cars
has equalized trucks and the other one has rigid frames.  I have not taken these
trucks apart - and will not do so unless absolutely required ... I'm actually more
likely to simply replace them and put them in the box (these are brass cars) rather
than go so far as to 'fix' them.

  So I ran them yesterday and they didn't derail even once.  :-)

  As you probably remember, I cut the springs down to about half of their original size - 
which reduces the amount of pressure and seems to -now- allow them to rock side to 
side and keep the wheels in contact with the rails ... instead of climbing them.  Yes, I
practice "3 point suspension" with all of my cars.

  I still have a "close watch" on them - because I am very finicky about how well my
equipment runs and cars that derail are not tolerated.  I will test run them more this 
coming weekend before they are deemed "worthy".  But if they start derailing again
I will swap out the trucks for something that works.  I -run- my equipment, not put it
in a display case or leave them in the boxes.  
  The next step for these brass box cars will be a trip to "the weathering shop".  *G*

  Thanks for ALL of your ideas and suggestions - it's appreciated.                  - Jim B.

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