Re: Strawberry Shipping Vignette in Plant City, Fla. in 1926

Greg Martin

Interesting... There is a few off us that gather there on Thursday before we go to Cocoa Beach for lunch and now more so that Stan has passed as he was part of the "Chicken House Crew". Maryland Chicken best little place to gather for lunch and I had no idea the strength of there produce market.
Greg Martin
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I tried to create a vignette of the Strawberry Rush in Plant City, Fla in 1926 with these links. The first is beside the covered shed showing farmers unloading their vehicles with fresh strawberries, perhaps to be loaded into the WFEX reefer spotted there. By this time Western Fruit would have existed for three years after being formed to pooled their cars w/Fruit Growers. People will likely get hungry while working so there is a diner nearby.

Meanwhile under the shed strawberries are being placed into shipping crates. ll1/id/4410/rec/2

Near the shed is the Philadelphia based Kruse's office and strawberry packing plant in Plant City, Fla.

Bill Welch

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