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John Barry

Dennis, Ray, 

Thank you both!  

Checking the Jan 45 ORER, the post war depletion had yet to occur with the following:

CIL 31000, GB, 292 cars
CIL 32400, GS, 743
CIL 33300, GS, 233

SOO 63801, GB, 496 wood floor, 1 steel floor
SOO 7001, GB, 249 

The inward facing pressings on the 7001 series reduced the inside length and capacity compared to the other cars 40'10 vice 41'6 for the rest with a commensurate reduction in cubic capacity.

For my Christmas 44 layout, it seems reasonable that I could see one of the 1268 Monon or 746 SOO cars.

It could be an interesting model.

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These can be considered THE standard Monon freight car for the steam era; nearly a quarter (1476 of 6184 freight cars) of their entire freight car fleet in 1930 was made up of these cars, which were essentially "Improved USRA" clones.

31000-31299 - built by the CI&L shops, 1922
32400-33299 - built 1923
33300-33599 - built by Pullman, 7/1923

The cars mostly didn't survive WWII, with only 525 of the cars left in 1945. Per the Monon's 1947 diagram book, only a few were left as captive service stone cars in the 4601-4716 series, with none at all showing up in the revenue roster.

Ray Breyer
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I've been away for a couple days, just catching up, had to read thro! ugh to see how the turnout discussion turned out :-)

There were two more groups of gondolas built with these ends:

500 tight bottom cars (GB) built by Haskell & Barker in 1921 as Lot 5209 for the Clarkson Coal Mining Co. These cars went to the Soo Line in 1927 as 63801-64799 (odd numbers only).

250 tight bottom cars (GB) built by Pullman Car & Manufacturing Co. (the former Haskell & Barker Michigan City plant) in 1923 as Lot 5345 for the Soo Line, numbered 7001-7499 (odd numbers only). 

Between the two groups, the end pressings faced inward on the 1921 cars, outward on the 1923 order.

I suspect this was a Haskell & Barker proprietary end. When I was organizing the H&B drawing collection at the Pullman Library, I found more information on these ends than on any others; detailed drawings of the pressings that I seem to recall were marked as being for the pressing dies.

I do not recall any other lots using this end, unless some other road ordered just ends for a home shop car building program, this would see! m to be the total of cars using this end.

Dennis Storzek


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