Photos From The Barriger Library: Cease & Desist?


I received the request below from Scott H. Haycock as a spokesperson for this group.


I was a bit surprised as many of you have corresponded with me off-list, thanking me for posting Barriger Library and other photos with related questions and comments.


And some of you have used the photos to point out additional items of interest and background which has added to the overall body of knowledge.


So group, what say you?


Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA





Cease and desist! We all know about the Barriger Library.


Many of the questions you ask have been covered in the past on this list. Do some research within this list's file section. A hint: JPEGS, PDFs, & EXEL files are listed by date, but then by file types.


scroll down to each different file type section.


Unless you have a specific question about a specific image, you're wasting everyone's time.


You can contact me if you need any clarification.


Scott Haycock

Modeling Tarheel country in the Land of Enchantment.

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