Re: ADMIN: Restoration of Berriger Library photos

Schuyler Larrabee

Mike, that would be Crystal Lake, Newton MA. I am co-president of the
Crystal Lake Conservancy, and would be pleased to direct Mr Haycock to a
suitable location.


Since my computer's memory is being over whelmed by the fast increasing
number of messages in support of presentations of the Berriger Library
photos, the thread about the photos is now reinstated. Those disliking the
photos are allowed to complain to me although my response might be delayed.

Lessons learned: To ensure that messages are sent OFF GROUP, require that
such messages be sent ON GROUP. To avoid unnecessary delays, please do not
follow the example of Schuyler Larrabee who suggested strongly that those
objecting to the photos "go jump in the lake." Schuyler neglected to say
which lake. I have spent considerable time trying to determine a lake near

Mike Brock

STMFC complaint desk

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