FW: ADMIN: Restoration of Berriger Library photos


Bill McGuire sent the following message which contains information regarding
assistance in restoring photos in the Berriger collection.

Mike Brock

From: Bill McGuire [mailto:bmcguire@mymts.net]
Sent: Wednesday, July 5, 2017 9:57 PM
To: brockm@cfl.rr.com
Subject: Re: ADMIN: Restoration of Berriger Library photos

HI Mike. I met Nick Fry the curator of the Barriger collection last Oct.
at Chicagoland where he made a presentation. I spoke to him about the CPR
and CNR photos. Many were reversed and many had no location. I sent a
message to the CPR sig forum and asked the members to send info to him
regarding the location and reversal of any negs that they spotted.
Several members sent in info which he used to update these negatives. I
think that the information that members of this group possess, would go a
long way in making these priceless photos even more valuable. Members should
contact Nick and I am sure the negs will be updated.
e-mail = fryn@umsl.edu
Regards, Bill McGuire

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