Square Wire for Vertical Brake Staffs

Bill Welch

Until recently I was unaware the ExactRail had done a 42-ft General Steel Castings flat car and the Revenue Service schemes are sold, but I was able to find one very reasonable on Ebay. Since purchase I have replaced their Cheesy deck parts w/one from AMB. It is a very nice model and the paint and stenciling is very sharp and I am sure it is good as Dick Harley helped them.

The handbrake shaft was broken and this morning I clipped it all the way off and drilled the brake wheel for a brass shaft. The Exactrail shaft was square and this got me to thinking it would be so evil if there was square wire available at around .015". Does anyone know if such a thing exists? I Googled and did find Jewelry sites with square material but it is too large and on a spool to boot.

A square brake shaft on the "B" end of a boxcar would be vey cool I think.

Bill Welch

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