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Thanks Bruce,
I've seen the replies in the past that the info is in conversation history and in the photos section, and I think "what a newbie". Until now when it is my turn!  Ya know, I searched all 3 "Misc" and "Miscellaneous" folders, plus searched prior message history back to 2001. Nada. Did find a scan of an auto-rack loading damage form though in the photo section. Lots of pictures of model Auto cars.
A Google search found 2 pictures of actual boxcar loading in the 30's-40's, but no unloading.
So maybe the question is, were Automobile boxcars actually used to deliver cars from the factory to the dealers for any length of time?  I figured there would be more images out there if they were.
Attempting to keep the rolling stock fleet balanced and find a use of all these automobile boxcars I tend to build/acquire.
RJ Dial
Burlingame, CA

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There are several photos in the Miscellaneous album on the group page.  There include an N&W automobile car with the Evans loaders down and in position to receive a car as well as a photo with the car loaded in the upper position.

A search of the Conversations of this group will also yield much more information.


Bruce Smith

Auburn, AL

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I've never actually seen pictures of loading/unloading of driveable cars in Automobile boxcars. Mainly interested in the 1930s-1940's.  Are there any?  From period newspaper accounts I gather that is how the cars were delivered to the far flung dealers in towns across America then.

Follow-up question is would the boxcars have been only from railroad(s) that served that manufacturing plant? For example, Yarmouth's nice looking CPR Automobile boxcar, would you expect to see it delivering cars only from factories that the CPR served? Or could it end up loaded with cars from Detroit for example?

RJ Dial

Burlingame, CA

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