Re: SOLD: R-30-16 kits

Andy Carlson

I have not yet mastered the skills necessary to respond to notes I have never received.......
The 2 R-30-16 kits are sold and are in the US mail as I type.

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Sent: Sunday, July 9, 2017 1:34 PM
Subject: Aw: [STMFC] SOLD: R-30-16 kits

Group, of course this was not intended to go to the group... I apologize.
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Betreff: Aw: [STMFC] SOLD: R-30-16 kits
Hello Andy,
am I correct with the assumption that I was not the first interested party because you still didn't reply to my note?
Many thanks and regards
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Betreff: [STMFC] SOLD: R-30-16 kits

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