Re: Tank car retainer valve location

LOUIS WHITELEY <octoraro1@...>

On an ACF drawing I purchased, it was on a bracket attached to the diagonal brace between the corner and the center sill/body bolster junction.  Mounted vertically, it protruded just above the end platform.

Lou Whiteley
Lawrenceville N

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Where was the retainer valve located on tank cars? I have been looking through Ted Culotta's Steam Era Freight Cars Reference Manual:  Tank Cars looking for pictures showing the valve location.  I think I see a valve peeking up at the end of the car on p.52.   I think I might see another one on a SCOX car on p. 65.  I might seen another on GATX 24126 on p. 104.  Was there a standard location and how was it plumbed?

Jared Harper
Athens, GA

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