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Basically, the closest local team track or freight house was typically the place where automobiles were delivered to local dealers and then they were driven on their own wheels to the dealership.  A “full load” on a 40’ car would be 4 autos and a 50’ car might load as many as 6 autos. Dealers typically got full loads but the could also split loads, typically with the dealer in the next town ;)

Unloading required either a platform at the height of the car doors, or for end door cars, a ramp.



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I have photos of docks with ramps and track charts that show the ramps at the IC freight houses in Decatur IL and Centralia IL.  How were the autos distributed to the dealer?  Did the dealers pick them up at the nearest freight house with facilities to unload the automobile cars or were there regional locations where they were unloaded and then shipped by truck to the local dealer in 1955?

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