1938 Idaho reefer traffic

Don Strack

I came across this random item about refrigerator traffic through Ogden, Utah, in 1938. It appears that the Idaho traffic is likely bound for California over the SP, or over the LA&SL, since eastbound traffic on the OSL would be routed via Montpelier, Idaho, and Granger, Wyoming, and not through Ogden.

August 21, 1938

"Refrigerator Traffic" "Pacific Fruit Express reports about 300 refrigerator cars of fruit moving into Ogden on the Southern Pacific daily. This figure, 10 per cent above the similar period last year, is expected to continue into the last of September, when it will increase to around 500 per day." "At present, about 50 of the daily 300 are grapes. Idaho potatoes make up 100 cars, and onions, green peas, and other products bring the Idaho movements to 135 cars daily." (Ogden Standard Examiner, August 21, 1938)

Don Strack

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