Re: Automobile Shipping

Guy Wilber

Bob asked:

"Are we any closer to identifying the owner of this box car?"

From the July, 1946 listing of Auto Cars with Type "E" Loaders with 8 floor tubes. All 40 footers except for the SP series:

Central Vermont 42000-42124
CGW 80018
CGW 80400-80798 (Even No.)
Erie 96700-96849
Erie 98300-98349
Erie 98350-98549
GTW 586500-586999
NYC 61000-61750
NYC 67000-67329
SLSF 152000-152099
SSW 46000-46199
SP 69555-70029 (50')

Most have notes regarding exceptions within the series, but that's a start. I'll leave it to others to narrow it down (if possible).


Guy Wilber
Reno, Nevada

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