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Is this a PE "water bottle"? 
Well, Mel maybe right that it isn't, and I appreciate his research. But, it's not a PE car, whose car is it? It's clearly a home grown tank, built on an an obsolete flat, and it's shown on an ATSF transfer run between PE's and ATSF San Bernardino yards. (The photos were not taken on the same day, note the marks on the loco number plate in the other pics). 

It would be great to know what the car is, so I'm copying this to our friends at the Steam Era Freight Car group in the hopes of getting some knowledgeable feedback. Hopefully the link below will generate some responses.
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Mel Perry writes that he thinks this is a regular tank car, not a PE water bottle car:


I've looked thru all the sites, re the Arrowhead water cars, and there isn't one photo that comes close to this tank car. All of the "PE" constructed cars had more cradles, and thinner ones - the closest I was able to come was a 6 cradle car, same frame, but different supports.

The "PE Yahoo Site" has a lot of information, almost a site within a site, so to speak, anyway Google has "lots" of photos of the different cars. If I'm not mistaken, this whole thread jumped off of the original thread, with everybody assuming that what everybody else was saying, was the Gospel truth.

ersonally speaking, the tank car in question looks like a "railroad water car," but whose?, If there are any ATSF freight car or MOW books out there, that would be where I would start. I know there are "PE" books of the same ilk - unfortunately my library is in storage someplace, and it's going to be a while before I can get in to it, to see what was salvaged.

As an aside, supposedly these photos were taken the same day, so what happened to the car?, It's not
in the interchange yard in the next photo. Didn't ATSF have a water plant in San Berdoo?

Mel Perry

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