Re: Looking for "Lift Here—To Open Or Close Door" Decals in HO

hubert mask

I have 2 decals set 87-232 and 87-322 that have that data on the cars.  

Hubert Mask
Mask Island Decals Inc.

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Tim.  Is that for the 6 foot door with the vertical lift bar in the middle of the door at the bottom?   If so I have several 40' Decals with that.  I believe

Maybe not the road name however. 

Hubert Mask
Mask Island Decals Inc

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Bill - can you post a photo of that "Lift Here" lettering ? Without
a picture it's kinda hard to tell you if another set has it.


I have finally painted and started to decal my Monon #1-500 boxcar that we now know thanks to Ed Hawkins is actually a Pullman PS-1 using mostly decals done/sold by Mont Switzer. His set is pretty complete except for the Pullman stencil (found elsewhere) and the Gothic "Lift Here—To Open Or Close DDoor" stenciling on the Superior door. This stenciling is not on either of Microscale's Data sheets and I have looked thru the Microscale boxcar sets I have nor can I steal the phrase from the Yarmouth or Speedwitch kits or set I have.

I can but would prefer NOT to piece this very small lettering together from the Microscale Data Sheets if I can find it somewhere. Anyone know where this phrase can be found? I estimate this is two or three-inch lettering. My set from Mont dates from about 1996—has he updated his Monon sets since then?

Bill Welch

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