Re: General Electric Tank Car

I need to make a retraction of my Type 25 statement.  Ed Hawkins has informed me that the General Electric tank car is actually an AC&F type 26.  Although there does not seem to be much difference between the two designs, I do notice the Type 26 does not have the "heavy steel diaphragms extending from the center sills at each end of the car".

There were only 2 orders for Type 25 cars for the US/Canadian market, totaling 15 tank cars.  The Type 26 design received 22 orders for 546 cars.  In comparison, there were over 1800 Type 27 tanks cars built, as mentioned in Railway Prototype Cyclopedia, vol. 2.

There was also an AC&F Type 25A design.  Not many of these were built.

Another photo of a Type 26 tank car, SCAX 625, appeared on page 70 in Kaminski's American Car & Foundry, 1899-1999 book.

My thanks to Ed Hawkins, who provided an overwhelming amount information to me.

Brian Leppert
Carson City, NV 

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